Escort redline 360c portable radar detector attached to windshield

Portable Radar Detectors

Elevate your driving experience with the best radar detectors available. Escort radar detectors are designed to maximise your road awareness and intelligence with exceptional detection range, the most accurate false alert filtering, shared alerts from our community, and more. Drive confidently with Escort—where advanced technology meets portable sophistication.

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ESCORT Redline 360c

REDefine the Road


It’s the best of the best. We didn’t raise the bar, we shut it down. The Redline 360c sets the new standard for radar detectors with extreme detection range, 360° directional awareness, 100% true stealth and the best overall performance from any detector. Get ready to REDefine the Road with the Redline 360c.

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Escort MAX 3 international radar detector


Advance to the Next Stage in Smart Driving


The ESCORT MAX 3 levels up your driving game as the next evolution in connected driver alert systems. Be prepared and more informed for anything on the road ahead with premium range and advanced filtering.


Secure The Road Ahead

Award winning. High performance. Connected. Stay aware with red light, speed cam, and live law enforcement notifications. The patented filtering system on our portable radar detectors rejects false alerts and cuts through the noise so you can focus on what’s in front of you.