Media Mentions

Gear Patrol on the ESCORT MAX 360c

I almost never climb into a car I’m driving without my radar detector: the Escort Max 360c.” 


“…it’s the best radar detector on the market.”


“…a machine with all the latest and greatest in tech.”


AutoWeek Reader's Choice 2019 Top Pick

ESCORT: Best Radar detector

Escort earned the top spot among radar-detector brands, with a number of readers echoing Mitch A. from Texas, “Performance says it all. It works every time, all the time.”

Forbes on the ESCORT Redline 360c

“ not only picked up every threat that the other detectors missed, but got smarter in the process.”


“The Escort’s capability and advanced feature set are worth that money, and the unit will pay for itself if it helps the driver avoid just a couple of tickets.”